Elevating ThinkTech: A Revenue Surge, Brand Buzz, and a Monumental Acquisition

In the bustling MSP landscape, ThinkTech, a blossoming Managed Service Provider, faced the familiar pinch of competition. Their ambition? Distinct brand presence and a magnetic social media pull. But with constrained resources, the quest seemed daunting.

Enter MKC Agency: With a nod from Dean Trempelas, ThinkTech roped in MKC Agency. Guided by Megan Killions, a collaboration ignited between our forces and ThinkTech’s champions, Nathan Viveiros, Melissa, and Nichole. The mission? A solid brand strategy paired with a compelling social media narrative.

The Journey:

Revenue Breakthrough: ThinkTech’s financial charts lit up, recording an uptick of over $500,000 – a hallmark of our symbiotic strategy.
Social Media Wave: Custom-crafted content echoed ThinkTech’s essence, resulting in a 300% rise in social media traction.
Lead Avalanche: Our storytelling via blogs and social platforms ushered in a tenfold leap in inbound leads, paving avenues for future collaborations.
Golden Ticket to Acquisition: The crowning jewel? ThinkTech’s acquisition by TNS Group, a testimony to their bolstered brand and business stature.

Your Turn with MKC Agency: Charting ThinkTech’s journey was no mere task; it was a passion project. And at MKC, that’s what we bring to the table – dedication, strategy, and results.

Intrigued by ThinkTech’s transformative journey? Dive deep into the nuances with our detailed case study.

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