Creating a Lead Management System

Leads = sales in your pipeline, so it’s no wonder why lead management has jumped to the top of many companies’ priority lists as modern sales processes increasingly rely on digital tools, automation software, and multiple channels. If you think managing ten prospects is difficult, consider how difficult it is to stay organized with 1000 or even more.

No matter the size of your business, using the digital tools at your disposal is the only way to stay ahead of the game in this day and age.

Enter: your handy CRM; a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can help you effectively organize your leads and pivot to your needs by creating closed-loop systems that are easy to follow-up on.

Innovative entrepreneurs and business leaders have found a solution to this problem with lead management software that streamlines their sales process and attracts leads all the way through the sales funnel. The best lead management tools allow teams to spend more time converting leads and less on managing them.

What is lead management and why do you need it? 

Lead Management is the process of acquiring, tracking, and managing your leads in order to more efficiently convert them into prospects, and then customers. The process involves many steps that you as an entrepreneur have to complete in order to eventually convert your leads into sales:

Lead Capturing: Visitors become leads through a variety of means that include offering their contact information or filling out a web form via your website.

Lead Scoring: Leads are rated based on their interest level and needs.

Lead Filtering: Leads get sorted into various categories including unqualified or qualified leads. Qualified leads are deemed prospects as they have been pre-vetted.

Lead Distribution: Qualified lead data is delivered to the appropriate sales representative who then initiates contact with the prospect.

Lead Nurturing: Sales staff follow up with their leads through an email marketing campaign, phone calls, or other means.

As your business grows, so should your number of leads (hopefully!), and therefore so too does the need for a lead management software tailored to your business– so that your team can efficiently and effectively close sales.

What to look for…

Your lead management system should work for you, not the other way around. Any platform you invest in should be able to offer a set of basic guarantees, such as eliminating lead overlap. This is essential to organizing your lead’s operations to remain on top of each step in the sales process. It should also offer optimal lead tracking and automated lead distribution to your team eliminating any manual work you would normally have to do in assigning work. A leads management system will also provide you with insightful analytics about your prospects, to help you better understand the potential consumers you are interacting with.

The best part of all: organizing leads effectively is made simple through easy, automated digital tools in a high-touch, user-friendly environment. And we all love an easy-to-use app!

Want to scale your business organically? Not to brag or anything but lead generation and management is kind of my thing!

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