Best CRMs in 2022

Remember how in spy movies, when the hero or heroine walked up to a member of the bourgeoisie elite and a tiny bud in their ear ran them through the skinny on who they were talking to? Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software is kind of like that—a supercharged way to understand your client relationships quickly […]

Must Have Chrome Extensions for Sales & Marketing

Chrome Extensions are superpowers for your written documents. They can help with everything from improving how effectively you prospect, how precisely you understand your targets and search terms, and even optimizing your documents for more compelling writing. (oooh, compelling—excellent suggestion, computer!) I’ve compiled a few of the most useful free chrome extensions to superpower your […]

How a B2B Tech Consultant Can Supercharge your Outreach

As with all marketing and sales-related tasks, when it comes to outreach, you need a strategy. It’s important to start with your goals, defining what success will look like and how you’ll know you’re on the right track. Such measurements are often referred to as key performance indicators (KPIs). Once you know where you want […]

Comparison of CRM Systems

A CRM’s purpose is to collect and manage customer data so that salespeople and marketers can execute their jobs more effectively. CRMs are meant to help keep organizations all on the same ‘internal’ page and are pretty much a requirement for almost every sales-driven company. If keeping track of leads and maintaining client interactions is […]

What Is The Difference Between An MQL And SQL?

With the pervasiveness of marketing and digital media, the sales journey doesn’t start or end anywhere in particular. When someone hears of your brand, it could be from an ad, an influence, an obscure Google search, a friend of a friend, or even a conversation overheard at the bar. While your Ideal Customer Profile or […]

Average SDR Salaries by Industry

SDRs are undersung heroes of the sales world—helping to make connections and solutions appear out of thin air. While many envision a sales role in terms of suits and boozy lunches, the truth is that initial contact is often the hardest step. Business owners have busy schedules and aren’t too fond of strangers coming in […]

What Is An SDR?

No, it’s not just Big Business Card looking to make an extra buck in inventing new business classifications—an SDR plays a dynamic and essential role in the ecosystems of many modern sales teams. A Sales Development Representative has been a role that was once niche in small tech companies. Their prime task is to locate […]

The Best Pricing Models For SaaS Companies

It’s a delicate balance, not unlike a tightrope walk in a fancy circus. On the one hand, you don’t want to scare clients away with ridiculously high prices or poorly-framed pricing packages for your product; on the other hand, you don’t want to be giving away your hard work (born of blood, sweat and tears) […]

How are B2B and B2C sales different?

First things first…let’s sort out the letters, shall we? B2B stands for “Business to Business” and B2C is shorthand for “Business to Consumer”. In other words, a B2B company is selling products or services meant for other businesses to use, whilst a B2C business is aiming to sell directly to individuals. B2B and B2C have […]

The 3 C’s of Sales & Marketing copy

While it takes a while to get used to, email outreach is a fantastic way to connect with customers who perhaps didn’t even know that they were looking for a service. That doesn’t mean you won’t catch a few people on a bad day. Sometimes with cold outreach, you won’t like what they have to […]