Canva – The Casual Marketer’s Superpower

Once you’re past the algorithmically generated highs of viral posts, you are greeted with a rather harsh truth: your picture of a smoothie bowl isn’t going to change the world. I’ll give you a minute to recover from that blow.

Most content marketing posts are component parts of a larger strategy. You’re not announcing pivots, new services, or re-branding every day, but you still need to remain relevant to the algorithm. That often requires a posting schedule, complete with hashtags, relatable content, and (hopefully) some customer engagement.

In keeping a steady pulse of posts going, you ensure that your most important content stays in your customer’s feed. But how to make a set of minimally important posts without eating up too much of your workday?

Enter Canva – The Casual Marketer’s Superpower
Canva works by matching attractive templates with straightforward content to quickly put out cohesive branded images for your digital marketing strategy. Their services include unique photo elements, aesthetic backgrounds, a suite of attractive fonts, and easy-to-follow guides that could awaken the interior designer in anyone.

You don’t have to limit yourself to social media posts, either! This service could be used to personalize birthday messages, internal memos, or event planning.

Some of the reasons I love working with Canva:

  1. Mini Re-Branding Campaigns
    If you’ve got a new service or event coming up, you can quickly and conveniently use a new template to drive awareness without having to invest in a whole new set of custom assets.
  2. Saving Templates for Recurring Projects
    If you do weekly or monthly events, you can quickly use templates to update times and event details while keeping the rest of the branding cohesive.
  3. Keep Your Post Traction Going
    As alluded to above, having a baseline number of posts a week will help your business maintain visibility. Canva can take a simple aesthetic and spread it out over a week or two, freeing up valuable time to craft the content that more effectively converts.
  4. Turning Amateur Content into Branded Work
    By adding something as simple as a watermark or a reliable font usage across content, your posts are now—*poof*—professionally branded. Having an air of intentionality around off-the-cuff announcements or candid photos from your workdays adds some pizazz without putting back your punch-out time.
  5. Brand Kits Made Easy
    You might not be able to print tote bags from the dashboard, but it’s a start. Using their visual assets and some clever strategies, you could easily extract and repurpose small images to improve your site’s functionality in addition to its aesthetic palate. While hiring a professional brand kit designer is necessary for a large-scale launch, Canva makes the small tasks more manageable.

Canva is your shortcut to creative, colorful, and impactful design that doesn’t drain your resources. I use it to help with my messaging, and you should too! Best of all, it’s free!

Feel free to get in touch if you’re looking for more tech tips, vision for your design, or an expert set of eyes on your branding projects! I’m a design nerd and happy to geek out on the important messaging that will set your business apart.