Building Presentations in Canva

Picture this. You’re meeting with potential clients to pitch your business. You stride into the meeting with confidence, smile, then pull up your nifty PowerPoint presentation onto the screen. As you shuffle your cue cards, you prepare your mouse to click away. The slide transitions and tired color palettes aren’t fooling anyone; you’ve just done the marketing equivalent of pulling up in a horse and buggy.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Enter: Canva. The user-friendly, intuitive, beautiful platform allows you to quickly and easily create professionally designed, eye-catching presentations so you can show the world that you are the optimized, energized, and specialized business they need.

Here are just a few of the reasons you need to use Canva for your future presentation projects.

It’s Free

Canva has thousands of free, professional templates to help bring your best work to life, including a vast content library of design elements to jazz up your presentation! There are paid options available (the Pro and Enterprise plans) if you are looking for more advanced tools and content or want to make Canva an integrated part of your large business to keep your brand consistent.

Unlimited Customization

Personalization and customization are so crucial for effective marketing. One of the biggest draws of Canva is that you can customize your slides with thousands of free images, videos, graphics, and more. They have thousands of templates available, all of which can be customized to fit your unique needs and brand. Building your custom templates to reflect your company’s flair and flavor is one of the most powerful tools you can use for marketing your business and attracting new leads.

Easy Collaboration

Your design and marketing teams, presenters, collaborators…everyone can see and work together on a project with Canva’s seamless collaboration features. Invite collaborators, clients, or co-presenters to design together via a link or email. You can also comment and edit in real-time from any device.

No More Cue Cards

Presenting your material smoothly and hands-free is now possible! Your best presentation starts with using the right tools to deliver a strong, punchy message in a friendly, efficient way. With Canva’s Presenter View mode, you get your private presenter screen to view your notes or a script (no clunky cue cards), plus a timer and a preview of your upcoming slides. What more could you ask for?

Nothing to Download

There’s nothing worse than trying to deliver a presentation that relies on internet connectivity or requires a clunky program that takes forever to load and must be downloaded onto separate devices. With Canva, you can present from anywhere. With no program to install, you can easily access your Canva slides on any browser or mobile device and design, edit, or present on the go. Even better? Canva offers seamless sharing ways, allowing you to export files as a PowerPoint, PDF, or video presentation.

Switching to Canva as your new go-to presentation platform is a no-brainer. Customizing your material to reflect your particular branding and creating personalized, tailored templates for your business takes expertise.


Do you need help getting your presentations to stand out, or need templates tailor-made for your business? Megan Killion Consulting is a team of dedicated, experienced professionals who have the knowledge and experience to help you design content that gets you the leads you want. Give us a shout, let’s work together to meet your unique business needs.