Become a Master of your LinkedIn Channels in 2022

As a B2B technology sales, marketing, and business developer, for 15 years, I have seen firsthand the power LinkedIn has to offer. I know what a struggle it is to sell and grow without the platform and have likewise seen the value in using LinkedIn to its full potential. Better than that, I’ve seen people make friends along the way!

An important part of your success with LinkedIn will be dependent on how familiar you are with this social media channel. Like many digital platforms, LinkedIn is always changing, growing, updating, etc. That’s why this blog is focused on LinkedIn statistics for 2022, so you can master your account, optimizing it for sales and public relations.

Helpful Statistics About LinkedIn’s Users

  • HUGE GROWTH: Last year LinkedIn surpassed the half-billion mark of users, currently with almost 700 million members.
  • RESPONSE CAN BE SLOW: About 40% log in daily, while 45% log in only once a month. That means you’ll likely have to be patient when connecting with another member. It also means you’ll want to run any promotional posts or messages well in advance.
  • REACH DECISION MAKERS: Members are largely made up of high-level influencers and decision-makers, as well as 87 million millennials – who are poised to become the next generation of decision-makers.
  • NOT TOTALLY MOBILE: Most social media users access their accounts through their phones. LinkedIn users are a bit of a mix still with only 57% accessing the platform on mobile. That means you’ll want to create content that fits both.
  • MOSTLY MALE: only 47% of users are female, which is about the same as Facebook.
  • IN AND OUT: The average user spends 7 minutes on LinkedIn.

Statistics About Content On LinkedIn

  • THE TRUSTED PLATFORM: Compared to all other social media networks, users trust content on LinkedIn three times more. This shows that it’s a great platform for sharing important or serious information.
  • LESS THAN 1% POST: While there’s almost 700 million users, only 3 million share content weekly. That means there’s a lot of potential for your post to be seen.
  • HIGH TRAFFIC: SEO reports across industries show about 50% of social website traffic comes from blogs shared on LinkedIn. Facebook and Twitter provide the remaining 50%.
  • TARGET DECISION MAKERS: About 45% of those who read an article on LinkedIn were high-level decision-makers.
  • LONGER IS BETTER: Blog performance by word count clearly shows longer blogs are shared more. To be specific, a post with a photo and no text received on average 13,311 views. The average 600 word blog is seen 14.668 times. 1,500 word blogs typically receive 22,871 views. Then there’s a huge jump, for blogs of 1,900 words, receiving an average of 51,788 views.
  • EDUCATING USERS: “How-to” posts and those that educate the user get double the views than all other posts.
  • ODD VS EVEN: It’s been questioned and rumored for a while, but now we have official stats to prove that dividing your content into five, seven, or nine sections is more pleasing to the user. For some reason content with an odd number of sections out-performs. However, when it comes to photos, content with precisely eight pictures outperforms all other content. While eleven, and four photos were the runner-ups.

B2B Sales Statistics From LinkedIn

  • THE TOP TOOL: An impressive 97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn.
  • TOP PLATFORM: 80% of social media leads come from LinkedIn, while Twitter provides 13% and 7% from Facebook.
  • SALES ARE SHIFTING HERE: Just over a third of B2B marketers said that LinkedIn has become a source of sales for their organization. In need of sales inspiration? Check out the top sales leaders to follow on LinkedIn.
  • GREAT FOR SaaS: LinkedIn’s InMail messages are proving to bring in 11 times more responses than traditional email messages.
  • BEST FOR CONVERSIONS: A study from Hubspot shows that LinkedIn averaged 2.74% visit-to-lead conversions, while Facebook (.77%) and Twitter (.69%) were lacking.


It’s easy to see how LinkedIn can make a big difference for your brand, especially when you construct your content accordingly. One last statistic, in case you’re not already swayed… LinkedIn topped Google Ads on CPC ads by 28%. It’s exciting to see the potential!

Want to make LinkedIn work this well for you? Contact me, I’m happy to help with developing, optimizing, and deploying your professional web presences to the fullest.