B2B Marketing LinkedIn Stats

How much time do you spend on LinkedIn per day? How do you take advantage of the features offered by the LinkedIn team? Even though LinkedIn is not the biggest social media or the one with the biggest audience reach, LinkedIn stats are there to prove that this platform is doing well and that a lot of people are using it daily to make their professional life easy. Here are the 25 LinkedIn statistics to know in 2022. 

General LinkedIn Stats

1. LinkedIn reached 18 years old in 2021

Officially launched on May 5, 2003, LinkedIn turned 18 years old in 2021. It’s the oldest of the major social networks considering the ones still in use today.

2. Available in 24 languages

LinkedIn being available in 24 languages allows access to many global users in their native language.

3. A 2.5x increase in remote jobs 

From March to October 2020, LinkedIn stats showed the way how people work has changed. On the same topic, 15% of jobs applications went remote in the U.S. from November 2020. Online connections became more important since most of the business’s employees started working from home.

4. Most trusted social network in the U.S.

On the topic of privacy and data protection, 73% of social networks users attested that Linkedin was the best compared to just 53% for Facebook.

LinkedIn User Stats

5. LinkedIn counts 722 million users

Compared to Instagram, which has 1 billion users, and Facebook with 2.74 billion, LinkedIn is not the largest social network. But since the platform is solely business-focused, this number represents an audience worth considering.

6. 76% of users outside of the U.S.

LinkedIn has gained attention globally even with its U.S. users reaching 174 million. Linkedin statistics show that the social network is used in more than 200 countries, including 107 million users in Latin America, 163 million in Europe, and 196 million in Asia Pacific.

7. 59.90% of users between 25 – 34 years old

LinkedIn being a professional network, more than half of its users are in the age group of those starting and growing their careers. 

LinkedIn Usage Stats

8. 40 million people rely on LinkedIn for job search each week

Hiring managers use LinkedIn as a key source to find potential new employees. According to a LinkedIn survey, 81% of talent professionals are positive about the future of virtual recruiting even after the pandemic.

9. A hiring rate of 3 people per minute

LinkedIn is definitely a great resource as well for job seekers and hiring managers since 3 people are hired each minute through the social network. 

10. 55% more conversations among conversations

With connections not being able to meet each other easily since the beginning of the pandemic, a rise in conversations has emerged on the platform. 

11. 437% more live streams

Even though LinkedIn Live was launched in February 2019, it really took off during the pandemic. Only from March to June, the social network registered an increase of 89% for live streams.

12. 60% more content created

In order to stay in touch with their professional contacts, companies and individuals have created more content on LinkedIn since the beginning of the pandemic. 

13. 57% of mobile traffic

Even though this number has remained the same since 2018, it will likely increase in the upcoming years. 

14. 15x more content impressions than job postings

This number is equivalent to 9 billion content impressions showing that the social network is no longer simply a recruitment platform but a media where people inform and educate themselves. 

15. 2 times more engagement from posts with images

Let’s recall that LinkedIn images recommendation is 1200 x 627 pixels. With these dimensions, LinkedIn users who integrate images in their posts receive 38% higher click-through rates compared to other images.

LinkedIn Advertising Stats

16. A reach of 13% of the world’s population with an ad

An ad on LinkedIn can reach 13% of people over 30 years old in the whole world. It could seem small compared to Instagram and Facebook but keep in mind that LinkedIn is only business-oriented.

17. An ad reach growth of 25 million people in Q4

Compared to Q3, this is an increase of 3.5%.

18. More than 200 targeting characteristics for ads

The possibilities are endless on LinkedIn when it comes to targeting characteristics. Filter from job experience to firm industry without forgetting education and even include interests. You are sure to find the best match on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn Business Stats

19. 4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn are business decision-makers

This is a great place to be for marketers since they can target the people who make the buying decisions. 

20. LinkedIn counts 55 million companies

With this number, it’s easy for brands to reach consumers, B2B prospects, and even hires. 

21. 96% of B2B marketers do organic social marketing using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the highest network for B2B content marketers, considering only this aspect. Twitter and Facebook are behind with 82% each. 

22. 80% of B2B content marketers make use of LinkedIn ads

Similar to the fact that Linkedin is the top social network for organic social marketing, the platform is also the highest-paid social network. Facebook and Twitter come behind again, respectively with 67% and 27%.

23. 33% of B2B decision makers do their purchases research on LinkedIn

Even if Linkedin is not the highest social network when it comes to purchasing research, it’s still the platform having the highest number of decision-makers. 

24. 7X more reactions and 24x more comments for brands on live streams

LinkedIn Live Video offers a high engagement level, showing that people are willing to interact with the participants. 

25. 5x more page views for companies with optimized LinkedIn page

Adding to that statistic, these companies also receive 11x more clicks and 7x more impressions, both per follower.


These LinkedIn statistics confirm that even if social media is not the highest among the most popular ones, it’s a non-negligible audience reach for B2B marketing. It’s actually the top social network for B2B marketing since LinkedIn is mainly business and professional connections/interactions oriented. At MKC, we understand the power of LinkedIn in terms of B2B audience reach, and we help you find the right prospects who are mostly the decision-makers in businesses.