Are You Truly Ready for Outsourced Lead Generation? A Must-Read Checklist for MSPs

Hey there, savvy MSP leaders! Nearly every MSP I talk to wants more “at bats”, thinking lead gen is the magic wand to more revenue. Before you dive headfirst into the tempting pool of outsourced lead generation, let’s make sure you’re not wearing floaties. Why? Because, my friends, jumping in unprepared is like expecting to run a marathon without training—you might move forward, but you’re gonna feel it later. Would you let a day 1 tech run your support line without documentation? Let’s gear up to ensure your outsourced lead gen doesn’t just promise the world but actually delivers it.

The Real Talk on Outsourced Lead Gen:

Outsourcing your lead generation can feel like hiring a wizard—presto! Leads! But let’s not confuse magic with strategy. Without the right groundwork, even the most skilled lead gen team (yes, even us wizards at MKC) can’t conjure success from thin air.

Checklist for MSPs: Getting Lead-Gen Ready

1. Define Your Ideal Client Profile (ICP):

Know who you’re after. If your ICP is as vague as “anyone with a computer,” we need to chat. Understanding your ICP is like having GPS coordinates for your treasure hunt.

2. Nail Your Value Proposition:

What makes you stand out in the MSP crowd? Hint: “We provide great service” isn’t it. Your value proposition should be as clear and impactful as a lightning strike.

3. Have a Solid Sales Process:

No process? No progress. Ensure you have a clear journey from lead to customer, or you’ll be outsourcing chaos, not sales.

4. Content That Converts:

Your content should be doing some heavy lifting before any lead gen magic happens. If your website’s most visited page is the “404 Error,” we’ve got work to do.

5. Tech Stack Ready:

Your CRM should be your best friend, not a distant acquaintance. Make sure it’s set up to track and manage the leads coming your way.

6. Align Sales & Marketing:

If your sales and marketing teams are on speaking terms only during the company picnic, brace for trouble. Alignment is key.

7. Be Open to Feedback:

The beauty of outsourced lead gen is the fresh perspective it brings. Be ready to pivot and adapt based on the insights gathered.

Why Jumping in Unprepared is a No-Go

Without laying the groundwork, outsourcing your lead generation is like trying to build a house on sand—looks promising until you actually move in. Remember, no outsourced partner can read minds (yet); they need the right input to generate the right output.

How MKC Can Help

At MKC Agency, we’re not just about generating leads; we’re about crafting success stories with a solid foundation. From defining your ICP to perfecting your sales process, we’re here to make sure your lead gen isn’t just a shot in the dark.

Checkout our Getting Lead-Gen Ready – a checklist for MSPs.

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