9 Magical Hacks for Increasing Your Instagram Followers

Pssst… it turns out there is actual science to Instagram. You may have heard of the ever-changing algorithms and how IG prioritizes content, but we’ve got some extra tips and tricks for organically increasing your followership. Attract users who will engage with your content with these nine useful strategies, courtesy of Megan Killion.

 9 Magical Hacks for Increasing Your Instagram Followers :

  1. Optimize your Instagram account. Extend your outreach by ensuring you’re adding a location tag, ensuring your profile is set to ‘Business’, and posting at the most ideal, opportune times of day (i.e. not when everyone is getting their day going at 9am). Researchers suggest that Sundays at 6 am is the timeframe that garners the most engagement!
  2. Use the right hashtags. Make sure you’re using meaningful hashtags, relevant to your content. Your hashtags should be highly used and followed, and using the right ones will massively expand your reach and audience.
  3. Try a content calendar. Need some editorial content creation calendar ideas? Megan Killion offers cohesive social media management services so you don’t get creator’s block!
  4. Leverage IG Reels. Creating IG Reels takes patience and dedication, but when it pays off, it does in spades! Currently, Reels is the best way to inspire and share branded content. Be distinctive by ensuring they’re fun, creative, light and most of all – be your unique self. Other people will get it.
  5. Opt for influencer marketing. Promoting your product or service by partnering with a social media influencer is a great way to build credibility and momentum. Select brand ambassadors with legitimate followings and who are aligned with your business or product values.
  6. Follow/Unfollow. Following new accounts is a great way to gain new followers, as they will often follow your account in return. However, it’s important to regularly declutter the profiles you follow and set a time to unfollow recently followed accounts that you may not want to see on your homepage every morning. Or… ask Megan Killion! She’s got the magical touch.
  7. Communicate. Engage with your followers and don’t shy away from the ‘like’ and ‘comment’ buttons! Find new followers by utilizing the “Explore Accounts” feature. Instagram will suggest profiles similar to yours.
  8. Create a theme. By creating a cohesive theme and color palette to your profile, you construct a branded concept, which naturally attracts users to return. In employing a specific aesthetic you are also communicating confidence and assurance in your brand, which is in the coding of your product.
  9. Engagement Groups. Find a product or brand in a similar space to you? See if you can create an online engagement group and hit them up in their DMs to inquire. Typically, engagement groups require a few accounts to be effective, and the goal is to cross-promote and engage with each of the engagement group’s members. Warning: IG doesn’t love* engagement groups, so maybe don’t go on IG Live to announce you’re in one!

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