6 B2B Cold Email Subject Lines That Get Responses

When it comes to B2B cold email outreach, your subject line can make or break your campaign. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, considering you have very little time to get someone’s attention. You can have the best offer in the world, but if you don’t get the recipient to open the email, then it doesn’t matter. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of success here, including using the right subject line format and content.

“Steal our X” – Share something that’s working at your company

Steal our cold emails

Steal our UX analyzer

Steal our algorithm

Take something that’s working well at your company, that your product might be interested in, and offer it for free.

“Y on me” – Give the prospect something tangible for free

Coffee on me

Lunch on me

Icecream on me

I’m genuinely embarrassed about how many times I’ve given my time to salespeople for coffee when I could’ve just bought the coffee myself in less time while earning more money, but… free coffee amiright?

“Z% of X due to Y” – Relevant numbers that imply email content 

Alaska Airlines grew revenue 40% with this trick

Your company could increase conversions by 45%, check our math

3% change in unemployment this week, but why?

“I noticed” – Actionable insights

I noticed your site has a few grammatical errors on the about page…

You have a dozen bad backlinks on your site…

Find something they can tweak, or you can fix quickly, actually give it to them on the inside!

“Disruptive. Elephant. Alaska” – just break the pattern

Gong! Unicorn? Abraham Lincoln.

But, you have to deliver inside – so be careful what you draw attention to.

Your benefit in less than 6 words

Basically, any email that summarizes the benefit of your product in less than 6 words will probably get an open!