5 Things Your Tech Startup Should Outsource to Maximize Success

If you are building a tech startup from the ground up, first things first, let me congratulate you on your ambition and courage!

After 15 years in this space, I know that it’s tempting to start doing everything yourself. For one thing, the budget is usually tight, and it can seem at first glance like it’ll be cheaper to do a job yourself rather than outsource it to someone better qualified.

The thing about successful startups is that for the most part, they have developed a core focus that allows them to produce incredible products that take the market by storm – but you can’t have a single-minded product mission if you’re trying to be a jack of all trades. It’s unfortunately a recipe for being very busy–but getting nothing done.

There are many arguments in favor of outsourcing– nowadays, building in-house teams capable of tackling every angle is time-consuming and can ultimately break the bank. That avenue is best explored when your business has grown sizeably and can manage it.

Acknowledging the gaps in your current team’s knowledge and outsourcing in certain key areas can ultimately save time, money, and build a better product, all surrounded by expert marketing and customer services. I think we can agree that’s a winning formula for a tech startup hitting the market.

Here are five areas you can outsource today to maximize your success in the tech startup space.

1. Website Development And Graphic Design

No tech startup succeeds without a cohesive website and graphic design campaign. Building a consistent brand is not an easy feat. Unfortunately, too many people think that knowing a bit of code and having played around in Photoshop qualifies them to build these things (it does not). Presenting customers with a professional, polished front means that you need a seasoned professional to do these jobs. A successful startup will need a memorable logo, business card design, and if there’s a product coming to market then a product design to boot. Too many startups overlook these key elements as mere details that can be rushed out in-house and actually harm the company image you are trying so hard to craft.

2. Content Marketing

Time for the big “M”–marketing. A well-designed and executed marketing strategy is a crucial component of any tech startup launch. Content marketing, an increasingly popular style of marketing, is especially valuable to startups with technology at heart – when you’re bringing a new and innovative product to market, you’ll need to provide some customer education to support your users. Content marketing is designed to educate a wide audience without being overly pushy. On the flip side, it’s unfortunately a time-consuming process to publish the perfectly balanced content that’ll engage your customers and compel them to respond to you. Outsourcing a content marketing strategy allows you to focus on the main mission of your startup and get back to what you’re passionate about.

3. Conversion Optimization

Bring on the leads! A successful content marketing strategy will have huge lead generation potential. Converting these leads is essential to the success of your startup. This is a complex process that requires continuous tracking, managing, and testing of strategies. Outsourcing this process can often be affordable, yet have a great ROI (return on investment) as the leads pour in.

4. Administrative Tasks

Ah yes, the office work and endless paper trail. When you’re running your own startup, the paperwork can begin to pile up. Customer relationships are time-consuming to maintain! Answering emails and returning calls are all a crucial part of building the relationships key to your startup’s success. Providing a superior customer experience means responding quickly to requests and communicating constantly with your clients. Keeping on top of all the communication necessary in a startup can be distracting when you want to focus on innovating and building – the skills that brought you into the industry in the first place. Do yourself a favour and outsource these daily administrative tasks so you can focus on what you do best.

5. Accounting And Taxes

The Tax Man Cometh. Every business owner dreads the time of year that taxes are due; too many people insist on wrestling with the forms and spreadsheets themselves, not knowing that their time could be put to better use elsewhere. When your business is still growing it can be fairly straightforward to file your own taxes, but before long, this process snowballs as you find greater success. That’s a good thing, but you need to adjust to this shift. Start off by building a relationship with an outsourced accounting agency. Handing this off to the pros could save you some financial headaches–one little mistake in your taxes can be hugely costly. For peace of mind, this is best left to the experts.

Building a successful startup means building a strong team in-house – and then letting them do the job you hired them for. Don’t distract yourself or your team from your startup’s core focus by getting bogged down with administrative work or marketing strategies.

Want to strategically outsource certain areas so you can actually save time and money for your business? Megan Killion Consulting is a team of dedicated, experienced professionals who are equipped to support your growing business so you can focus on the things that matter most to you. Give us a shout, and we can start working together to meet your unique outsourcing needs.