15 Sales Leaders to Follow on LinkedIn

In the past, I’ve raved about LinkedIn as a tool for connecting with new work opportunities and leads. Part of what makes the platform so appealing is the massive roster of high-impact individuals that offer coaching, inspiration, and industry-specific insights through their network and posting.

This blog post will detail a few individuals you should connect with RIGHT NOW to achieve tremendous success on the platform and in your everyday life. Not to mention, you’ll see their activity and get connected to even more movers and shakers in the industry. I can’t even count how many times having an expansive LinkedIn connections pool has helped me reach new opportunities or hear exactly what I needed to on a tough day.

There are quite a few names on this victory lap, so let’s get into it!



Jason Bay – “JBay” provides high-quality coaching for B2B reps and sales teams. His positivity on the platform is enough reason to send him a connection request! His profile can be found here. Jason is especially focused on outbound messaging & cold calling. So if you’re looking to make your outbound better – he’s your guy.

Meghann Misiak – Meghann pioneered the idea of the President’s Club—a ‘success state of mind’ that sees you reaching goals faster, more reliably, and with expert guidance. You can find her profile here.

Sandy Zhen – The competitive side of B2B can often strip the “human experience” from the dialogue of any sales community. For Sandy, she uses her reach to tell true stories from her side of the recruiting world. Throw her a follow here.

Stephan Hamilton – Stephan’s weekly SDR Newsletter collects all of the helpful information an SDR could want and compiles it in one simple place. You can reach Stephan, his community, and his resources here.

Scott Leese – Don’t let the beard fool you—Scott is all SaaS business! His resume itself is inspiring, not to mention his authored books. You can take a look at his story and network here.

Mark Kosoglow – If the future of B2B had a face, it’d look a lot like Scott. His experience, coupled with technical expertise from work with Outreach, makes him a powerful connection on LinkedIn. Check out his profile here.

Max Altschuler – As another alum of Outreach, Max connects forward-thinking SDRs and team builders with the tools that help automate and convert in the digital age. Give him a connection here!

Christina Nalband – She says it all with “salespeople are humans, not robots.” Authenticity and inspiration are where Christina shines, and you can get in on it here.

Jenny Anderson – It doesn’t get much more girl power than Jenny. Her story makes her success in sales all the more impressive. Get in touch with her here.

Heidi Solomon-Orlick – Heidi is a champion of women in sales. Through podcasts, speaking tours, and more, she advocates for and empowers women in the sales force. Her impressive track record and community can be found here.

Amy Volas – Amy’s expertise is in startups and the teams that make them up. By connecting with her, you receive insightful comments from a leader all about attracting and retaining the right people who can bring your vision to life. Give her a follow here!

AJ Alonzo – You can read about AJ’s journey from lone SDR to sales leader here. In addition to his platform, his podcast is a great casual listen for anyone interested in conversations about modern sales.

Andrew Mewborn – The only thing that Andrew has left on his bucket list is creating a “How to LinkedIn” book—something that doesn’t seem far off. Give him a follow here for daily conversations on sales tips, branding insights, and more.

Will Aitken – If you’ve avoided Tik Tok because of the dances, Will’s comedic take on sales is an excellent place to get back in. Give him a follow here for not only a look at advanced sales awareness but a laugh or two along the way.

Megan Killion – Okay, I get to have some fun here, too. I wouldn’t have come up with this list without spending my fair share of time on LinkedIn and learning directly from all of these pros. By connecting with me, I’ll give you free pitch lookovers, webpage audits, and access to tons of influential conversations happening right now in the sales community. Don’t be shy!

Honorable mention:

Ashley Bordieux

Hopefully, you will find some new and inspiring connections through this list. LinkedIn is a great way to turn a social media tick into a productive part of your day, and even the most minor leads or connections today can turn into the “warm calls” of tomorrow.

If you’re looking to level up your SDR game, sales team, or LinkedIn recruitment with personalized training, you can book me today to bring added value to your business. Together, we can get started on scaling with content that converts.