13 Marketing Leaders to Follow on LinkedIn

This will be my second blog post highlighting some of the superstars that make LinkedIn such a fun community. If you’re new to the platform, a good summary would be as follows:

Facebook with five times the value and only a tenth of the farming simulators.

LinkedIn is great whether you’re looking to join a new field of work, connect with an old lead, or join in on conversations shaping the sales community as it grows in scope, technology, and techniques.

All of that and more in one place! And like I mentioned up top, the people are just the icing on the cake. Through LinkedIn and its helpful community, I have found valuable connections, business partnerships, and heck, maybe even a blog viewer or two.

Whether you’re looking for value-added scrolling, high-powered connections, or a fresh perspective on the day-to-day life of a marketer, the following individuals should be your first follows. At worst, you’ll get some engaging content—at best, you might find a friend for life.

13 marketing leaders-

Udi Ledergor – If even for his cheerleader skills alone, I’d recommend following Udi. Besides that? His skill at recruiting, managing marketing content, and invigorating a community. Check out Udi’s profile here.

Dave Gerhardt – You can join over 7,000 other B2B marketers with Dave’s excellent weekly marketing newsletter. For even more insight, he’s active on LinkedIn here.

Danny Asling – Danny stands apart from even his own Marketing Crowd—an organization for high-power marketers who want to achieve meteoric growth. Check out his profile here!

Jesus Meca – Non-traditional SEO is where Jesus shines. By taking his experience in high-level traffic strategies and making it digestible for new clients, he is a great follow. You can find his profile here.

Apolline Adiju – Apolline has been in the game for a long time, and in doing so, has learned the language of clients and buyers inside out. Get in on her coaching through LinkedIn here!

Kyle Coleman – Keeping your head above water in the SDR world can be exhausting. At its worst, it makes you feel cynical. Kyle keeps an eye on the world without losing his positive spin. Check it out here!

Ashley Levesque – The Saas Breakthrough podcast is an excellent resource for those looking to better define their sales points, vision, or potential in the industry. Ashley is perfect at the helm—you can find her profile here.

Erin Lewber is the Strategic Engagement Leader at Amazon, and that’s impressive. But more impressive is her heart of gold, and willingness to go above and beyond for her network. Like… editing 100s of teachers resumes to help them land jobs outside of education. Find out more about her here!

Kate Erwin is one of the most creative, hilarious people to bless my feed. She’s also a great leader and asset to her network… just recently she helped the next feature out when he was in between jobs. Connect with her here.

Adam Testa is a true storyteller who entertains and beguiles with every post. If you love Hamilton, are a nerd or just appreciate great content. Head on over to his profile.

Gaby Israel Grinberg is a creative powerhouse that recently created a playing card deck for marketers. Its cool. Really cool. Check her out.

Charlee Nolan – Come for Charlee’s leadership and stellar marketing talents, stay for her fire and word nerdiness. What you see is what you get with this Marketing and Communications Director–and what you’ll see is fun, to-the-point tips on communications strategies, and marketing campaigns that scale alongside company growth, all nicely tied into her copywriting roots. Peek at her profile here!

Megan Killion – Okay, yes, I’m on the list too. But just because I introduce new conversations, B2B developments, sales tips, free audits, and more value for those who take the time to follow me. You can find my profile here—don’t be shy! Come say hi!

Honorable mentions:

Alexandria James

Michelle Travis 

Meredith Adams

Nathalia Fontenelle



Joining LinkedIn is a must for anyone looking to expand their network opportunities, industry knowledge, or professional standing online. It’s a great tool to link to your marketing site to offer clients a chance to get to see a more casual side of you that still focuses on business and personal development. Let’s just hope these clients find you there first and not on Tinder!

If you’re looking to squeeze more out of LinkedIn (like cold email outreach, professional networking, or job opportunities), we should get in touch. Beyond teaching the basics and advanced techniques of high-power SDRs, I offer tools and techniques to “level you up” online through classes, consultation, and more.

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